Crocheted Plastic Bag Laptop Sleeve

Check out this laptop case I crocheted from plastic bags. It’s made from the best colour! And I’m recycling and saving the world and all that blah. If you’d like to make your own just leave a comment and I’ll post a tutorial for you.


In related news here’s a tutorial about how to make your own plastic bag yarn. It’s easy and fun, hurrah! Also have a look at this round up of all the ways to turn your plastic bags into cool stuff on Treehugger.


  1. ladylinoleum says:

    OMG, those colors are fabulous! That is THE best example I’ve seen yet of plastic bag crochet. Really. You should be patting yourself on the back. It rocks!

  2. Love this! And a great idea too!

    Love your blog AND {LOVE} your jewellery too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    a girl on my art course did a bag outa this but i didnt catch how she did it im trying to make my own bag atm but this laptop case is amazing! id really appreciate it if you did tell me how!! 😛
    natalie x

    My email is