Designers/Makers Market

Designers Makers

I'm taking part in the Designers / Makers Market on this coming Bank Holiday Monday, 27th May, 11am - 5pm. It takes place in Old Spitalfields Market once a month and I'm really excited to have a stall. There's always a great variety of makers with … [Continue reading]

Yarnwise Interview

Yarnwise Max Alexander

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed for Yarnwise magazine (issue 59) last month. We chatted about all things weird and wooly. They've kindly given me the article to share if you didn't get a copy. You can read the full 5 page article … [Continue reading]

Sewing Adventures

Dove Fitted Tee

It's been a while since I made any clothes with my sewing machine, it usually just gets used for repairs or quick cushions... But recently I've been thinking it's time to sew some clothing, after all I can't only wear knitwear! So I was finally … [Continue reading]

Bee-ret – Striped Beret Knitting Pattern

Striped Beret Knitting Pattern

When I made Benoît the Bee I was pretty jealous of his classy hat. I finally gave in and worked out the pattern for an adult sized version, which is now available to download here Bee-ret - Striped Beret Knitting Pattern PDF … [Continue reading]

Knitted Axolotl Pattern

Knitted Axolotl

I've recently become quite obsessed by axolotls. I find there cute faces and human like limbs totally enchanting! I found myself returning to the Google Image search for Axolotl's over and over and as with most of my obsessions I had to make a … [Continue reading]

Wool House

Sheep Hats at Wool House

Today I went to see the Wool House exhibition at Somerset House. First I have to say that it's a-mazing and if you can get to see it, do! It's only on until next Sunday 24th March. Also, you can sit in that chair, it is the cosiest thing ever. The … [Continue reading]

Pig on the Telly

Knitted Pig on Call the Midwife

Last year I worked on a little knitted pig destined for fame! And now he's been on TV being knitted by a nun. He appeared in a couple of episodes of 'Call the Midwife' the BBC One drama that's been on at 8pm on Sundays for the last 8 weeks. The last … [Continue reading]


Knitted Hexaflexagon

I have recently become obsessed with the magical objects that are hexaflexagons. In fact they have been my main topic of conversation for the last month as anyone who's seen me recently will have noticed... (sorry about that!). Hexaflexagons are … [Continue reading]

A year long scarf

I was browsing ravelry last week and came across the My Year in Temperatures Scarf. It's a pattern for a striped scarf, you knit one row every day in a colour related to the temperature. I really like the idea and have started mine already! I've … [Continue reading]


Knitting octopus tattoo

I received a very exciting e-mail at the end of last year from Becca of the Stitchy Wicket. She wanted to let me know that my little Knitting Octopus had been the inspiration for her new tattoo! I'm really impressed by how my bit of knitting was … [Continue reading]