And the winner is…

The Knitties! Hurrah! It won the award for Best Animation and was nominated for Best Music Video and Technical Expertise at The National Student Film Festival this weekend. I got a copy of Avid Xpress Pro and a bottle of King Cobra beer pictured here in the obligatory cheesy grin photo. I also got a smart little glass trophy! It was a really great event, all very professional and The Knitties was shown on a cinema size screen, which was, like, totally the greatest thing ever. The thank yous go to Thea for making me enter in the first place and The Stabilisers for having such an awesome song for me to make the video for. If you still haven’t seen The Knitties you can watch it here or here.

Film festival action

The National Student Film Festival is on in Bristol this weekend. Check out all the info on their website. If you’re in the area come and see some awesome films! I’m going to be there having some jokes because The Knitties is being shown and perhaps I shouldn’t mention this, not wanting to tempt fate etc… but it’s been nominated for an award!