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The Tiniest Stash in the World!

Back in 2007 I came across this blog post about the World’s Biggest Yarn Stash on Mochimochi Land (who funnily enough makes amazing teeny tiny knits now!) It gave me an idea about making the tiniest stash in the world which I’ve finally managed to do (sort of!). I have lots of miniature skeins of yarn now anyway! They measure just 3.5cm (1.3″) long. After making all these itty bitty skeins I decided to turn them into necklaces. They’re very cute and come in all sorts of colours. I’ve used luxury sock yarns from fabulous brands such as fyberspates, malabrigo, colinette, dream in colour and cherry tree hill. So now you can own a little piece of the world’s tiniest yarn stash. See more pictures and details in the shop or buy one right here:


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