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An Octopus with a Laptop!

Octopus on a Laptop by burymewithmyneedlesThe first completed version of my knitting octopus appeared on ravelry recently. It’s so exciting to see someone else make one and put their own spin on it. This ‘knitting’ octopus is much more technically advanced than my original and is using his many tentacles to be a computer whizz on a laptop! It was made by Sarah of Bury me with my needles. Have a look at her website, she knits some amazing work. She’s also made a pattern for the tiny laptop so you too can have a typing octopus.

2 thoughts on “An Octopus with a Laptop!

  1. Hi, I love your ideas for the octopus and all the rest of your creations. I taught my children to knit, but they haven’t carried on. Thankfully my daughter in law is very artistic and just learning to knit so I will be sending a link of your website for her to get some ideas.

  2. Both are looking cute: octopus as well as his laptop!

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