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Like a Moth in a Wool Shop

moth-wool-shop1I am excited to announce an exhibition of new work coming this November. I will be showing a variety of knitted moths & other creatures at Prick Your Finger, the fantastic yarn store in London.

Like a bull in a china shop, a moth in a wool shop is a pretty terrifying prospect. These moths, although a bit creepy, are soft and cuddly and will hopefully show that not all moths are evil wool-eaters.

The idea stems from a spot of moth trouble I had in 2008. I was going to have a show of large knitted creatures in Prick Your Finger but as I was installing it I noticed a suspicious hole in the back of Benoit the Bee. I looked closer and was horrified to find a nest of moth eggs and creepy larvae. I had to take it all away and was so embarrassed I didn’t return to the shop for 3 years. Luckily I was forgiven for bringing nasty moths into the shop and it feels pretty funny to be bringing new safe moths back 6 years later.

I’m currently working hard on knitting enough creatures to fill the shop. There will be replicas of fantastically colourful moths such as the squeaking silk moth (below), the elegant Luna moth and the neon Rosy Maple moth. There will also be swarms of little moths and even a giant mega moth…

If you want to see more sneak peeks as I go along please follow me on Instagram or Facebook. I’ll also be accepting suggestions for other beautiful moths to knit.

Like a Moth in a Wool Shop
22nd November – 20th December 2014
Opening Night: Friday 21st November 6 – 9pm

Open Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6.30pm
Prick Your Finger
260 Globe Road
E2 0JD

moth-wool-shop2 moth-wool-shop3