Knitted Merveille du Jour Moth

I’ve just completed my first moth of 2016. I started it last November but then Christmas jewellery orders went a little crazy and I had no time for mothing.

It feels great to be knitting moths again and I wanted to share some photos of this one in progress. It’s the Merveille du Jour Moth (Griposia aprilina). It’s common across Britain in September and October. It has a wingspan of around 4-5cm but mine is closer to 25cm!

I started off with my pencils and graph paper and got stuck in.


Progress is made with 2.25mm knitting needles and Shetland wool

Knitted Merveille du jour moth

I love stitching the eyes on.

Knitted Merveille du jour moth

The finished moth!

Knitted Merveille du jour moth

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