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Jewellery for Crocheters – At last!

Since I started making knitting themed jewellery in 2009 I’ve often been asked to make crochet versions of my earrings and brooches. For a while I was carving tiny crochet hooks, but that was so fiddly and I broke so many it made me a little crazy. Now, thanks to laser cutting, I can make mini hooks that look good and don’t take 2 weeks to make! I hope you like them as much I do, because who doesn’t love miniature crochet…??

Crochet Hook & Yarn Ball Earrings – £12



Crochet Hook & Ball of Yarn Brooches – £6.50



And here are the crazy hand carved hook earrings which I will never make again!


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Crocheted Plastic Bag Laptop Sleeve

Check out this laptop case I crocheted from plastic bags. It’s made from the best colour! And I’m recycling and saving the world and all that blah. If you’d like to make your own just leave a comment and I’ll post a tutorial for you.


In related news here’s a tutorial about how to make your own plastic bag yarn. It’s easy and fun, hurrah! Also have a look at this round up of all the ways to turn your plastic bags into cool stuff on Treehugger.

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Horror knitting

Check out this German crocheter. She makes bloody woolen monstrosities too!

Patricia Waller

I’m loving the shark eating a leg.

In other news I’m on summer hols till October now. So I will mostly be knitting and learning to crochet. Any suggestions for things to knit would be most welcome!