Mini Skein of Yarn Necklace – Tanami


The mini skein necklace is now made with Tanami by Travelknitter.
Hand dyed 50% silk, 50% baby camel.
Skein: 4cm (1.6″) Chain: 50cm (20″)

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The mini skein necklace is now made with fabulous yarn from East London based dyer Travelknitter. This is Tanami, it’s hand dyed and made of 50% silk & 50% baby camel. The super saturated colours make the skeins look like jewels. It’s a shiny, soft, tiny piece of luxury for your neck.

The dark gun metal plated chain sets off the jewel tones perfectly. The chain has an extra ring 5cm from the end so you can wear two necklaces at the same time and the skeins will sit around 2cm away from each other.

Skein: 4cm (1.6″)
Chain: 50cm (20″)

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