Pride Yarn Jewellery


These three pieces of jewellery are hand made using 100% merino yarn dyed by Lola of Third Vault Yarns. She has used the 8 colours of the pride flag.

They are designed to celebrate and support our LGBTQIA+ family and their crafting passions. 20% of the profit from the sales of these pieces will be donated to organisations supporting LGBTQ+ people of colour including the The Black LGBTQIA Therapy Fund and African Rainbow Family.

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Mini skein necklace measurements:
Skein: 4cm (1.6″) Chain: 50cm (20″)

Knitting brooch Measurements
Needles: 40mm (1.6″), Yarn ball diameter: 20mm (0.75″)

Crochet brooch measurements:
Hook: 40mm (1.6″), Yarn ball diameter: 20mm (0.75″)

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