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Wool House

The Entrance RoomToday I went to see the Wool House exhibition at Somerset House. First I have to say that it’s a-mazing and if you can get to see it, do! It’s only on until next Sunday 24th March. Also, you can sit in that chair, it is the cosiest thing ever.

The main exhibition is 7 rooms furnished in wool by 7 different designers and then there are more rooms showcasing wool in fashion and a bit of art. There were also spinning and weaving demonstrations today which I got a bit hypnotised by.

The first thing I came across were these sheep hats. They reminded me of the character of the Sheep Man in Haruki Murakami’s novel A Wild Sheep Chase who I was coincidentally thinking about yesterday even though I read the book a year or so ago.

Sheep Hats at Wool House

See more photos from my visit:

The Natural Room by Josephine Ryan was by far the cosiest. I need one of these cabled chairs.

Natural Room

Donna Wilson’s nursery room was a lot of fun, the walls were covered in felt trees and the baskets of her characters were awesome. I worked with Donna on an animation a few years ago and I love her playful colourful style.

Donna Wilson's nursery

Donna Wilson's nursery

The modern room by Anne Kyyro-Quinn rwas filled with bright wool felt. I loved the colourful wall.

Modern Room

I want to make a giant knitted bag like this.

Giant Knitting Bag

The colours in this cushion and knitted swatches really brightened my day.

Woven Cushion


Vivienne Westwood wool shoes.

Westwood Shoes

Samples of wool fabric embedded with Swarovski Crystals. Sparkle sparkle!

Swarovski Wool

A board of wooly inspiration.

Inspiration Board

Wool even grows on trees here! I adored the show and I want to make my own home into a wool house now…!

Wool Tree