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Get in!

Today I met Donna Wilson she knits really cool creatures! I’m going to animate some of her long-legged bunnies doing a can can dance, should be good fun. And I’m doing work experience for her in October. Top stuff!

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Horror knitting

Check out this German crocheter. She makes bloody woolen monstrosities too!

Patricia Waller

I’m loving the shark eating a leg.

In other news I’m on summer hols till October now. So I will mostly be knitting and learning to crochet. Any suggestions for things to knit would be most welcome!

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New Site

Well here it is a brand new look for Max’s World! With incredibly smooth blog integration…….. The excitement of it all!
Anyway you can expect to find lots more knitting based everything from now on.
Oh and if you spot any bugs please let me know. I think everything is working, but you never know…