An Octopus with a Laptop!

Octopus on a Laptop by burymewithmyneedles

The first completed version of my knitting octopus appeared on ravelry recently. It's so exciting to see someone else make one and put their own spin on it. This 'knitting' octopus is much more technically advanced than my original and is using his … [Continue reading]

Spooky times approaching

Pumpkin Knitting Earrings

Halloween is probably my favourite holiday of the year. I love the silly spookiness and dressing up. So I'm resurrecting my cute and spooky earrings. I've been embroidering scary pumpkin faces and little eyeballs onto my knitting earrings so not only … [Continue reading]

Variegated Yarn Brooches

Variegated Yarn Brooches

I made these brooches for a craft fair a little while ago and I've got a few left so I thought I'd offer them up here. There are only a couple of each colour and once they're gone, they’re gone! They match up nicely with some of the yarns on … [Continue reading]

The Knitting Octopus Pattern is here!

The Knitting Octopus Pattern

After posting a picture of my knitted knitting octopus a few weeks ago I got a huge amount of requests for a pattern. It seems that lots of people want an octopus to get on and do their knitting for them! So I'm pleased to say that I've written up … [Continue reading]

The Tiniest Stash in the World!

Back in 2007 I came across this blog post about the World's Biggest Yarn Stash on Mochimochi Land (who funnily enough makes amazing teeny tiny knits now!) It gave me an idea about making the tiniest stash in the world which I've finally managed to do … [Continue reading]

Knitting Octopus

I seem to have a bit of a thing for knitting octopuses at the minute. (2 here and 1 here!) I'm not sure why because I always get bored of the tentacles after I've done two or three. So I decided to make one that's good at knitting in the hope that … [Continue reading]

Mystery Knitting

Mystery Knitting

I'm taking part in my first ever mystery knit-a-long this month. It's very exciting, each week there's a new clue to knit. I've just finished week one and it's a hat brim with a very lovely twisted stitch pattern. I'm looking forward to seeing what … [Continue reading]

Astounding Knits

Astounding Knits

Earlier this year a book called Astounding Knits!: 101 Spectacular Knitted Creations and Daring Feats was published. It's an amazing book showcasing some incredible knitting artists. There are all sorts of projects featured from a full size knitted … [Continue reading]

Art Smart London

Max's World at Art Smart

I had a great time last weekend at the Art Smart fair in London. Benoît did a fantastic job of giving the passers-by a fright hanging at the front of the stall. You might be able to spot a mysterious flying creature camouflaged in the roof of my … [Continue reading]

Bortusk Leer

I went to this exhibition today after a phone call saying there's a giant blue knitted man in this gallery and you need to see it. It's really fun, there is indeed a knitted man and downstairs is an aladdin's cave of crazy creatures and spray paint. … [Continue reading]